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What is Marketing Concept? What does it Mean?

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Basically, a marketing concept is a strategic plan that an organization can implement to increase sales. The strategy allows an organization to focus its limited resources on the best opportunities in the market, which can create a competitive advantage.

Product concept vs production concept

Having a proper understanding of the Product concept vs production concept in marketing is important to succeed in your business. The product concept focuses on delivering the best possible product to customers and helps you minimize the risk of investing in new products. It also has the ability to add practical value to existing designs.

The production concept is an organizational concept that focuses on maximizing the production of goods. It is based on the concept of Say’s law, which states that supply generates demand. It assumes that consumers want to buy products that are inexpensive, easily available and highly effective. It is designed to increase profitability, improve the supply chain and reduce cost.

The production concept is a relatively old idea. It was first used in the 1950s, during the era of early capitalism. The main focus of organizations then was on manufacturing and assembly.

The product concept focuses on providing innovative features and improving the performance of a product. It makes the product easy to use and care for. It also helps in reducing the cost of producing a product and provides good quality rich products. It is considered to be the best marketing strategy and is a great way to create a product that customers will love.

The production concept is a little old, but it is still relevant in today’s market. It is useful to companies that manufacture products that are in high demand and have a short supply. It can be particularly helpful in industries that are experiencing a rapid growth in their business.

A product concept is not always easy to create. It can be difficult to find vendors who are willing to sell you a product. It can also be hard to convince these vendors to lower their prices. However, if you’re able to do so, you will earn a lot of business profit.

The production concept is a great organizational adjustment. It gives a company the option to expand the market by offering cheaper versions of a product. Having a broad distribution strategy can also improve productivity. It is also useful in developing countries where high costs of production often discourage consumers from buying products.

Societal marketing concept

Using societal marketing concepts for business can improve the overall well-being of society. Businesses must ensure that they are delivering products and services that not only serve the needs of their consumers, but also have a positive impact on the society in which they operate.

Companies that follow societal marketing strategies can have an edge over their competitors. A societal marketing strategy helps them to develop a strong corporate image, and increase the number of consumers that purchase their product. It can also help companies to develop their business practices.

Societal marketing strategies can be used to promote products that have social and environmental value, and donations to charity. Some examples of companies that use societal marketing strategies include The Body Shop, food companies, and organic products.

The Body Shop is a leading cosmetic brand that uses natural ingredients and plants to make its products. The company also protects animals and promotes community trade. It has set up its own foundation to aid human rights and the protection of the environment.

The Body Shop also has a strong emphasis on community trade and the promotion of sustainable development. It has helped to fight against animal testing and other harmful processes.

While societal marketing may be a new concept, many companies have already dedicated themselves to improving the lives of people in their communities. For example, Airbnb uses the hashtag #WeAccept to show an immigrant founder. These businesses are helping to solve the challenges that the world faces today.

For a company to adopt a societal marketing strategy, they must first understand the wants of their consumers. It is important to create a long-term relationship with customers. This can only be achieved by balancing the interests of the company and society.

Unlike traditional marketing, societal marketing focuses on the needs of the society as a whole. It is vital for companies to consider the impact that their products have on the environment. For instance, cigarettes are bad for individual health, but they also harm the wider environment.

Moreover, a societal marketing strategy can help businesses to become more profitable. Marketers must be willing to sacrifice their profits in order to meet the needs of the society.

Holistic marketing concept

Integrated marketing is a strategy that integrates various communication channels to send a single message to target consumers. The goal of this strategy is to raise consumer confidence and increase brand recognition. It includes media such as print advertising, television and radio ads, events, and e-advertising.

Another aspect of holistic marketing is the use of social media. Companies like Starbucks, Apple, and Samsung use social media as a means of connecting with consumers. Creating strong relationships with these companies can lead to free word of mouth marketing and more leads. These businesses have partnered with philanthropic organizations on agriculture issues, water challenges, and other topics.

In addition to the usual marketing tactics, a holistic marketing strategy also incorporates internal marketing. This involves training and motivating employees to become a part of the company’s marketing efforts. It also involves convincing employees of the company’s vision, goals, and values.

This strategy involves selecting the right communications strategies to reach targeted customers. It may include events, e-advertising, print advertising, and public relations. It’s a multi-pronged approach that works best when all departments work together.

Holistic marketing can bring significant benefits to a business. It allows the firm to develop an inclusive and diverse community, build a strong brand, and optimize resources. Using this approach, a business can focus on its big ideas while maximizing its performance. This can lead to more customer acquisition, higher profitability, and a stronger brand image.

Other than this, it’s important to understand that marketing is an incredibly diverse field. A holistic approach to marketing helps a company to align all its efforts with the changing needs of its consumers. Keeping a strong and consistent brand image can help a firm to stay in the market for a long time.

Creating an effective marketing strategy requires input from several different departments, including research, sales, and finance. All of these departments have a vital role in ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right customer at the right time. Developing a unified strategy is important in a competitive marketing environment. It also prevents unnecessary conflicts that could potentially detract from a company’s success.


During its 50 years of existence, Nike has created a strong brand name for itself. The company produces products in many segments – sportswear, casual wear, sunglasses, watches, shoes, and apparel. It also manufactures training kits for both children and adults.

The company tries to create an emotional bond with its customers. It employs celebrities, athletes, and other influencers to promote its products. In addition, the company also engages in market research to understand its customers’ needs. This information helps the company to determine the best way to improve its products.

In its efforts to promote its products, Nike uses advertising, personal selling, focus groups, and surveys. It also uses its own retail stores to promote its products.

The company has a high Reputation Score. Its stock price increased 36% in the past few months. Its main account has millions of followers. However, its engagement rate is low.

Nike uses a targeting model to divide the market into different segments based on the customer’s needs and purchasing power. It also offers discounts to boost its sales. The company’s advertising campaigns include innovation, emotion, and excitement. It also highlights the struggles of its athletes.

Nike’s products are sold through retail shops and major sports shops. In addition, the company’s online stores offer bulk discounts. It is also known for its honesty in setting prices.

The company also focuses on creating a positive work environment for its employees. It has employed forty thousand people to support its marketing initiatives. It has also established a separate department for analyzing and gathering customer feedback. The research conducted by the department helps the company to formulate efficient strategies and outperform its rivals.

The company also sells its products through online stores and special events. It also has a strong presence in more than 150 countries. It also has a subsidiary called Niketown that provides sportswear.

Nike has made a mark in the industry by creating customized products that fit the needs of its customers. It offers special shoes for various sports. It also has an array of sportswear for both boys and girls.

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